HUTNÍ PROJEKT OSTRAVA a.s. established and applied the quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001 in order to the further improving of quality of provided services and obtaining of maximum possible extent of the customers' satisfaction and, not least, for the purpose of detail documenting of the main and related procedures, which are applied at providing of that services, and for better overview on them. That quality management system was certified by the company of the Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

The validity of the existing awarded certificates ends on September 4, 2017.





Organizations of all categories display their growing interest in achieving and demonstration of their environmental profile by management of impacts of their activities, products and services on environment in conformity with their environment policy and targets. Also the joint stock company of HUTNI PROJEKT OSTRAVA a.s. has decided to establish and to certify an environmental management system (EMS) in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001.
The EMS of the HUTNI PROJEKT OSTRAVA a.s. was certified by the company of BEST QUALITY s.r.o. on June 24, 2008 according to the standard ISO 14001:2004.

The current awarded certificate is valid till June 29, 2017.





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